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How it works

Using Laundry Online® to get your general household laundry done is really easy. The main things you’ll need are:

  • a Laundry Online® account;
  • a service plan (Value, Standard, or Premium);
  • and a Laundry Online® bag (Medium (80L) | Large (100L) | Jumbo (120L)

Then all you have to do is:

  • Use your smart phone, or computer to get online and schedule your Laundry Online® bag pick up. When booking, make sure you select the correct sized bag that you need picked up.
  • And fill up your Laundry Online® bag with your laundry for cleaning.

With a Weekly Service Plan, it’s even easier, as you only need to set up pick up day once, and then everything will just automatically repeat each week after that. Of course you can cancel or suspend this subscription any time.

You can also customize your service, to change your detergent etc, and use Add-ons to add special items to your pick up, like duvets and blankets.

Useful links:

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Laundry Online custom settings displayed on smartphone