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Laundry Online® – It’s just like shopping online.

    • Laundry Online® is a residential door-to-door laundry service. It’s main purpose is for you to be able to get your normal (Regular) household laundry taken care of, without you having to do it yourself. It’s really easy to use – just like shopping online .

Some of the important requirements:

      1. You need a Laundry Online® account set up, and a scheduled pick up (All customers).
      2. Subscription customers need an active subscription. Subscriptions remain active unless they end, are suspended, or cancelled (Subscription customers only).
      3. You must have / use Laundry Online® bag(s) for placing your Regular laundry in (All customers).
      4. Add-on products / services cannot be purchased without a current Flexi or Subscription Service booking in place (All customers).

Regular Laundry – Getting started:

    • Select a primary Service:
      1. The Flexi Service is a ‘book as required’ service. This service does not repeat.
      2. The Subscription Service is a a recurring weekly service. Book once, and it will repeat until the subscription ends, is suspended, or cancelled.
    • Put your Regular laundry in to your Laundry Online® bag. Regular laundry is the sort of laundry you’d normally accumulate each week at home – like clothes, bed sheets, and towels. There’s more info on Regular laundry further down the page.
    • Leave your Laundry Online® bag out for us to pick up on your scheduled day. Once we’ve collected it, we will wash, dry, and fold what you’ve given us, before returning it back to you, freshly cleaned, ready to be used again.

Laundry Online® bags:

    • A key part of how Laundry Online® works, is the requirement to use Laundry Online® bags for your Regular laundry . With fixed pricing, you don’t need to worry about weighing, or counting anything. For example, if you fit 13 Kg of Regular laundry in the bag, you’ll still only pay for the 11 Kg’s that the fixed price is based on. The rest is a bonus.

Other Laundry – Add-on products:

    • While the Flexi and Subscription Services are for Regular laundry only, there are some other items you can get cleaned too, simply by purchasing them from the Shop page. These things tend to be the harder to clean items (that don’t need cleaning as frequently as Regular laundry), like duvet inners, blankets, and pillows. These things are picked up together with your Regular laundry. There’s more info on Other laundry further down the page.

Other Laundry – Add-on services:

    • You can also add other services to your primary Flexi or Subscription Service. This means you can (to some degree) customize how your laundry is done. For example, you might want use a different brand of laundry powder from the default one we use. If so, there are a number of alternative brands that you can choose from. Or you may have different types of Regular laundry contained in your Laundry Online® bag, that you want washed and dried separately from each other. For example, you can use the ‘Laundry separation’ option to get white towels washed and dried separately from the rest of your laundry.

IMPORTANT: Add-on products / services can only be purchased if you have an active Flexi or Subscription booking.
More info on getting started.


A bit more info

Laundry Online® account:

    • You can set up your Laundry Online® account simply by purchasing a Flexi or Subscription Service (using a ‘BOOK NOW’, or ‘ADD TO CART’ button).

Active Subscription:

    • Your Subscription will remain active until it ends, is suspended, or cancelled.

Laundry Online® bag(s):

    • Laundry Online® bag(s) are an integral part of how our service operates. Without these bags, you will not be able to use our services.
      • You must purchase your Laundry Online® bag(s) when you first purchase your Flexi or Subscription Service.
      • You must use your Laundry Online® bag for placing all your Regular laundry in.
      • Your Regular laundry must be fully and securely contained within your Laundry Online® bag(s), in order to be picked up for laundering.
      • You must ensure you purchase the correct number of bags to match the service quantity you are purchasing.

NOTE: Laundry Online® bags are strong, heavy duty, commercial grade laundry bags that are designed for ongoing use.


Flexi and Subscription (Primary) Services:

    • Flexi and Subscription Services are Primary (main) services offered by Laundry Online®. These services are what you use to get your Regular laundry picked up, taken care of, and returned.
    • The Flexi Service is a ‘book as required’ service. This service is non-repeating, and a new booking needs to be made each time you want your laundry picked up.
      • Good for people whose laundry requirements don’t fit with a weekly pick up schedule. Customization and Add-on products / services only apply to the current booking.
    • The Subscription service is a weekly service, that once set up, repeats each week unless suspended or cancelled.
      • Good for people who want the certainty of a weekly laundry pick up automatically booked for them, without having to manually do it each week themselves. With limited booking slots avaialable, this service guarantees your slot is reserved for you each week for you as long as your Subscription remains active.

A bit more info about laundry types:

Regular laundry:

    • We’ve tried to avoid being too prescriptive about what constitutes Regular laundry, because that would mean we’d have to put things like pyjamas, underwear, socks, tea-towels, and handkerchiefs etc on the list. But if you think of Regular laundry as the sort of laundry people would normally take care of themselves at home, by washing and drying, you know – common, easily and frequently cleaned household laundry items, you should be fine.

Other laundry:

    • When it comes to Other laundry (Add-ons), we are very prescriptive. Basically, if one of these items isn’t listed as an Add-on, then it can’t be put through for laundering.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t put things in your Laundry Online® bag that should be dry cleaned etc, or that can’t be put through our normal wash processes, or dried in a tumble drier, or that are excluded through our Terms and Conditions.